Foto: Kirsten Krause

PI of TFS-Toppforsk publishes in Nature

UiT-professor Kirsten Krause, PI of one of TFS's three Toppforsk-projects, has recently published her results in prestigious Nature Communications. Kirsten Krause and her colleagues publish in this work the very first account of a genome sequence of a parasite plant;  Cuscuta campestris. The results show

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TFS Starting Grant Call 2018

The application deadline for the TFS Starting Grant Call 2018 was February 15th, 2018. Eight applications were received and will undergo a comprehensive evaluation that will take about 9 months. Between March and May, the applications will undergo a peer review by international evaluators. Finalists

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Exhibition “Trodde du?”

UiT marked Woman’s Day on March 8th with an exhibition entitled "Did you think?" ("Would you believe it?"), which served to honor female scholars . The person who initiated and organized the exhibition was Kathrin H. Hopmann, one of the TFS Starting Grant candidates. (Site.uit.no/choco) Read more here.

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Mohn Prize Winners

The Mohn Prize for Outstanding Research Related to the Arctic, intended to be awarded every other year, was presented for the first time in January of 2018 at the Arctic Frontiers conference. It was divided between two parties: The team behind ‘The meaning of Ice’