Announcement of TFS Starting Grant 2024

Announcement of TFS Starting Grant 2024

This is the 6th call in the TFS Starting Grant programme.

TFS’s sister foundation in Bergen – the Trond Mohn foundation (TMS) – has decided to implement a separate UiT-initiative to support high-quality research projects at UiT. TMS has invited TFS to prepare award cases for projects with UiT as the host institution. This is the first TFS Starting Grant Call within this UiT initiative.

The program is open to all departments and faculties/units at UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), aiming to recruit young national or international candidates with outstanding academic merit and research potential.

  • The duration of the individual project can be up to 6 years
  • You can apply for up to NOK 12 million
  • The application deadline is Friday 1 December 2023

Call text and templates can be found HERE.