Articles of Association

Articles of Association for Tromsø Research Foundation

§ 1 The foundation’s name shall be the Tromsø Research Foundation.

§ 2 The foundation was created by Trond Mohn as registered in the foundation document of March 28th, 2007.

§ 3 The foundation aims to provide funding and support for long-term research and research-promoting activities, including research-based recruitment at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The foundation also supports comparable activities at other institutions in the country that are actively cooperating with UiT.

§ 4 The foundation’s base capital consists of NOK 100,000.

§ 5 The foundation administers funds in ways that align with the foundation’s purpose in a safe and secure manner.

§ 6 The foundation shall have a board consisting of five members: UiT The Arctic University of Norway will appoint three members, while representatives from other contributing foundations make up the last two members. Each party appoints a deputy representative.

The benefactor appoints the Chairman of the Board in cooperation with UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Board members serve for two years and can be reappointed.

The board appoints the business manager for the foundation.

Board meetings are allowed to commence when more than half of the members are present at the meeting. Decisions are made by majority vote with the chairman’s vote counting as two votes.

The board in its entirety represents the external foundation. One or more board members may be authorized by the board to represent the foundation, either alone or jointly. The board may revoke this authorization at any time.

§ 7 The board stipulates remuneration for board members.

§ 8 The board may appoint advisory bodies to support their work.

§ 9 The board is responsible for choosing the auditor for the foundation.

§ 10 Suggestions for (1) amendments to these statutes, (2) changes to the foundation, or (3) dissolution of the foundation will be considered by the board and submitted to the appropriate regulatory authorities for approval in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Tromsø, March 14, 2017