About Tromsø Research Foundation

Foto: Truls Tiller

About Tromsø Research Foundation

In 2021 and 2022, there will be a break in the announcement from the TFS Starting Grant program. The foundation will prioritize following up the 32 ongoing projects and planning for the future. We hope to return with new announcements in 2023.

The foundation has had 5 announcements in the TFS Starting Grant (STG) program in the period from 2016 until 2020. This has resulted in 14 TFS STG projects.

The foundation has received a total of donations of NOK 400 million. TFS and UiT have in collaboration found initiatives and projects to build competence, infrastructure and strengthen various academic topics at UiT.

The Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS) was created by Trond Mohn on March 28th, 2007. The foundation aims to provide funding and support for long-term research and research-promoting activities, including research-based recruitment at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The foundation also supports comparable activities at other institutions in the country that are actively cooperating with UiT.

The foundation has awarded money for the following purposes:

The foundation has no employees. In February of 2016, the administration responsible for daily activities moved from their offices at UiT to a new location at Norinnova Technology Transfer AS. The administration consists of one permanent position (rented on a consultancy basis) that coordinates the work of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee.

The foundation administers funds in ways that align with the foundation’s purpose in a safe and secure manner.

TFS has a sister foundation in Bergen called Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) – previously called Bergen Research Foundation) that has been created on the basis of the Mohn-family donations. TFS and BFS work closely together on administrative tasks and share similar priorities.



Trond Mohn establishes Tromsø Research Foundation March 28th 2007.


Trond Mohn donates 100 MNOK to Tromsø Researh Foundation. These funds were administered by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


The initial financial infusion of NOK 100 million is to be awarded between 2007 and 2016. An overview of the awards can be found at UiTs homepages.


Trond Mohn makes a second financial infusion of NOK 300 million to the Tromsø Research Foundation. These funds are to be awarded between 2016 and 2025.


The administrative seat of the foundation is moved to the offices at Norinnova Technology Transfer.


The second financial infusion of NOK 300 million are to be awarded between 2016 and 2025