Pure Mathematics in Norway

Foto: Nikita Kruglikov
Foto: Nikita Kruglikov

Joint Programme: Pure Mathematics in Norway

HOST DEPARTMENT: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science and Technology (NT)
PROJECT LEADER: Boris  Kruglikov
PERIOD: part 1 2018-2022 (prolonged to 2023)
Part 2 2023-2025

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Pure Mathematics in Norway is a joint programme of four Norwegian Universities: UiB, UiO, NTNU and UiT. The programme is funded jointly by Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) and TFS. Modern pure mathematics is a separate area of theoretical research playing a crucial role in development of science.

The project will give stronger interaction and cooperation between the Departments of Mathematics in Bergen, Oslo, Tromsø and Trondheim by organizing national meetings of mathematicians bi-annually, joint one-day seminars at each node each semester, reflecting various research areas, and a competitive TMS/TFS Colloquium. It will advance training of students and young researchers in Norway via new master classes, PhD courses and summer/winter schools.

The project will strengthen international contact by funding workshops and meetings organized by Norwegian research groups and by appointing TMS/TFS Guest professors for stays from two weeks up to three months at our institutions, who will lecture on their topic of expertise. This will keep Norwegian mathematics on the top level of modern research and fortify its relation to the recent progress in fundamental science. Moreover the funding will support national and international mobility for established researchers as well as master/PhD students and postdoc fellows.