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Female Football Research Centre (FFRC) – performance and health towards international top level

Project leader: Svein-Arne Pettersen
Host institute: School of sport sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
Grant: 21 MNOK
Period: 2020 – 2024

Video about FFRC

Football is the largest female sport in Norway with more than 100.000 registrated players. Nevertheless, there is scarce research regarding performance factors that influence sustainable development and health of female elite and high-level football players. There has been relatively little research focus on women’s opportunities for careers within football organizations. The Female Football Research Centre wish to take action to make a change on these aspects.

FFRC will do research on female-players in Norwegian- and other European teams to achieve a more holistic research-based understanding of the gender-specific aspects related to sustainable performance development, as well as health and managerial, organizational and cultural parameters impact on female football players. In addition we will develop the next generation technology for collection of and algorithmic analysis of 24/7 player data. Our goal is to expand the knowledge-based body of evidence on performance and development of the female player and to suggest optimal pathways to reach elite level. The goal of the organizational research i is to identify and support the development of best practice for football organizations aiming to achieve an equal access to opportunities for women.

The research is organized in three main sections: (1) Privacy-preserving data monitoring, collection, and storing technologies, coupled with rigorous mathematical and statistical methods for analyzing this type of unstructured, heterogeneous and voluminous data. (2) sports science, health and medicine, and psychology for female football athlete insights. (3) Organization and gender issues: What are the possibilities for females to achieve a career in football organizations?