COAT Tools+

Fotofelle-og-Eeva Leif-Einar-Stovern
Foto: Leif-Einar Støvern

COAT Tools+
New tools for Climate-ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra

Rolf Anker Ims
HOST INSTITUTE: Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi (AMB), Fakultet for biovitenskap, fiskeri og økonomi (BFE)
PERIOD: 2018-2021

Video about COAT Tools+

COAT is a long-term, ecosystem-based and adaptive observation system. It aims to unravel how climate change impacts arctic tundra food webs, and to enable prudent science-based management (see more at “COAT Tools” is a multidisciplinary method development project that aims to advance COAT beyond current state-of-the-art of ecosystem science (see more at The contribution of TFS (“COAT Tools+”) provides funding to 3 PhD students that shall develop and apply photographic and acoustic methods to analyze plant and animals communities, both with respect to drivers of natural ecosystem dynamics and the forcing of climate change in high-arctic Svalbard and low-arctic Finnmark.