Thematic initiatives

The Tromsø Research Foundation contributes to several different thematic initiatives. The most recent initiatives are within sport sciences towards women, antimicrobial resistanse, the fields of pure mathematics, nuclear medicine, and Arctic research (the Mohn Prize).

In order to initiate a thematic initiative TFS normally has a dialogue with potential collaborators, followed by a multi-step process that may lead to an invitation to deliver an application regarding the selected thematic initiative.

Thematic initiatives can be linked to specific regional strengths or challenges, preferrably multidispilinary topics where the Foundation can make a long lasting difference.

All applications to TFS has to be achored at the appropriate UiT leadership level and will be evaluated by independent experts.


Female Football Research Centre (FFRC) – performance and health towards international top level

Foto: UiT - Norges arktiske universitet

The Female Endurance Athlete (FENDURA): Exploring the missing link in exercise physiology


Centre for New Antibacterial Strategies (CANS) – A new strategic research initiative at UiT.

The program in pure mathematics is a cooperation with Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS). The program is also the first national program supported by BFS.   ……………………………………..


Research program in Nuclear Medicine/PET


The international Mohn Prize for Outstanding Research Related to the Arctic is awarded biannualy. The prize amounts to 2 MNOK.

COAT Tools+ New tools for Climate-ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra
Rolf Anker Ims, AMB, BFE-fak
Periode: 2018-2021
4,281 MNOK

Arctic ABC East
Jørgen Berge, AMB, BFE-fak
Periode: 2019-2022