Kirsten Krause

535x400 Toppforsk Kirsten Krause
Foto: TFS (Lars Åke Andersen)

Kirsten Krause

Discovering the causes and consequences of the enigmatic cytoplasmic continuity between parasitic dodder and its hosts

VERTSINSTITUTT: Arktisk og marin biologi (AMB), Fakultet for biovitenskap, fiskeri og økonomi (BFE)
PERIODE: 2016-2020
Project internet page: TFS-Enigma

Dr. Kirsten Krause is Professor for Plant Molecular Biology and leader of the “Microbes and Plants” research group at the Department of Arctic and and Marine Biology, UiT. Her goal as Professor for Plant Molecular Biology, is to understand how plants adapt to different challenges in their environments. My earlier work on cellular networks has led me to the group of holoparasitic plants, which steal the nutrients that other plants produce. These parasites and their ingenious molecular inventions that enable them to infect different plants without encountering any serious defence actions are focus of the TFS-Toppforsk project “Enigma”.

Cuscuta species infecting clover
Laser microdissection of infectionsites
Callose deposition at plasmodesmata in Cuscuta