Tone Huse

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Foto: Jonatan Ottesen/UiT

Tone Huse

Urban transformations and the Nordic Colonialism: Colonization and Decolonization in Nuuk, Greenland (UrbTrans

VERTSINSTITUTT: Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology (AHR), HSL fak
PERIODE: 2020-2023

UrbTrans is a radically interdisciplinary project that will examine the development of Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland. The aim with the project is to learn from Nuuk about the connections between urbanization, colonialism and decolonization. By studying the city’s development from 1950 and up until today, the project will describe how the Nordic colonialism has contributed to shaping Nuuk, but also how today’s urban politics and -development is part of the decolonization of Greenland. The project is conducted in cooperation with partners at Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland) and will in the project period work to create new collaborations with Nuuk stakeholders.

Balloon room. Foto: Carsten Aniksdal
Raven. Foto: Carsten Aniksdal