Alexander Tøsdal Tveit

Foto: TFS (Lars Åke Andersen)

Alexander Tøsdal Tveit

Cells in the Cold

HOST INSTITUTE: Arktisk og marin biologi (AMB), Fakultet for biovitenskap, fiskeri og økonomi (BFE)
PERIOD: 2018-2022
Video om Tøsdal Tveit’s prosjekt 

Complex yet fragile networks of microorganisms controls atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Climatic change is threatening to disturb these microorganisms, thereby potentially resulting in increased releases of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. The new project, “Cells in the cold”, aim to understand microorganisms in cold environments will react to and affect global warming and the changing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

Alexander Tøsdal Tveit completed his undergraduate studies in Biology in 2007 and his Master of Science (microbiology) in 2009, both at the University of Bergen. In 2014, he completed a PhD in Arctic microbiology at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway and has since worked as a researcher at UiT and the University of Vienna.

Scientific publication:

Widespread soil bacterium that oxidizes atmospheric methane, Alexander T. Tveit et al, PNAS April 23, 2019 116 (17) 8515-8524