TFS Starting grant

TFS Starting Grant

Since 2016, the foundation has relied upon annual calls for applications to a four-year recruitment program intended to encourage the recruitment of outstanding young researchers to UiT. This provides UiT with a unique strategic opportunity to draw leading up-and-coming scientists from all over the world to the university.

Each university department can nominate up to three candidates for the grant. The candidates undergo a thorough external evaluation process and those selected are interviewed by the foundation’s advisory committee. To date, a total of 14 candidates have been recruited through the program.

The foundation also supports recruitment and competence-building within thematic areas. The latest initiative is within mathematics, a field from which one candidate has been recruited.

Foto: Yrin Eldfjell

Bastian Fromm
Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum
Periode: 2021-2025

Foto: Christian Halvorsen, UiT

Sybil Akua Okyerewa Obuobi
Dep. of Pharmacy, Health fac.
Periode: 2021-2025

Foto: Christian Halvorsen, UiT

Mohamed M Ezat Ahmed
Dep. of Geosciences, NT-faculty
The Arctic Ocean under Warm Climates
Periode: 2021-2025

Tone Huse
AHR, HSL-fak
Urban Transformation in a Warming Arctic (URBTRANS)
Periode: 2020-2023

Audun Theodorsen
IFT, NT-fak
Intermittent fluctuations in physical systems
Periode: 2020-2023

James E. McCutcheon
IP, Helse-fak
PROTEST: Testing a neural basis for protein appetite
Periode: 2020-2023

Foto: Jonatan Ottesen, UiT

Jason Rothman
ISL, HSL-fak
Heritage-Bilingual Linguistic Proficiency in the Native Grammar (HeLPiNG) 
Periode: 2019-2022

Andreia Plaza-Faverola
IG, NT-fak
Tectonic Stress Effects on Arctic Methane Seepage (SEAMSTRESS)
Periode: 2019-2022

Alexander Tøsdal Tveit
AMB, BFE-fak
Cells in the Cold
Periode: 2018-2021

TFS portretter-3524

Eva-Stina Edholm
NFH, BFE-fak
iT Cell Defense in fish (iTD)
Period: 2018-2021

Jana Jágerská
IFT, NT-fak
Ultra-sensitive Integrated Trace gas sensors
Period: 2018-2021

Shona Wood
AMB, BFE-fak
Epigenetic light
Period: 2017-2021 (delayed to 2023)

Juha Vierinen
IFT, NT-fak
Radar Science with EISCAT 3D
Period: 2017-2020

Foto: David Jensen/UiT

Kathrin Helen Hopmann
IK, NT-fak
Homogeneous CO2 Conversion (CHOCO)
Period: 2017-2020