From top sport level to public health

Foto: Idrettshøgskolen/UiT

From Top Sport Level to Public Health – Research laboratory for Sports and Physical Activity (compentense project)

PROSJEKTLEDER: Svein Arne Pettersen
VERTSINSTITUTT: Idrettshøgskolen UiT, Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
PERIODE: 2017-2020
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The project “Fra toppidrett til folkehelse – Forskningslab for idrett og fysisk aktivitet” is both a infrastructure project and a competence project. Through the development of a research lab aimed at sports and physical activity in Tromsø and Alta, The School of Sport Sciences at UiT will strengthen the infrastructure regarding research on training, physical activity and public health. The laboratories will serve several academic domains across the faculties at UiT, giving access to equipment and infrastructure that develop expertise and know-how within the field.
The competence project focus research on the effect of training and load management in top athletes. Through systematic use of new infrastructure, analysis tools and technology, one seeks to develop new knowledge that also has transfer value for recreational sports and public health.

The competence project is linked to a infrastructure project with the same title.