Aurora Outstanding

Aurora Outstanding prorammet - kull 2018 Photo: David Jensen / UiT

The Aurora Outstanding Program

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS) offers a joint career program for young research leaders at UiT. The program aims to support the participants to reach their full potential as research leaders. The first litter will start autumn 2018 and consists of 15 selected young research leaders at UiT.

About the program

The program runs for two years with six seminars, four seminars in year 1 and two in year 2.  The program also have possibilities to finansialy support individual activities that will strengthen the competence for the participants.

Kick-off for the 2018 litter was September 4.

  1. seminar September 24-25: Focus: Establish the group, get to know each other and the different tools in the program
  2. seminar November 14: Focus: Leading a research group.
  3. seminar February 7 2019: Focus: ERC Proposal writing 
  4. seminar May 8 2019 Focus: Innovation
  5. seminar autumn 2019 Focus: Mentor and adept seminar
  6. seminar spring 2020 Focus: Communication

If any questions please contact UiT;  Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir or Theresa Mikalsen, or TFS; Unn Sørum or Oddveig Åsheim.

The participants in litter 2018:

Krishna Agarwal
Steg 2 ERC StG
Aurora -kull 2018

Evelina Leivada
MSCA-IF 2016
Kull 2018

Rachel Klassen
MSCA-IF 2016
Aurora-kull 2018

Fatih Bayram
MSCA-IF 2017
Aurora-kull 2018

Lorena Arranz
Aurora-kull 2018

Sören Abel
Aurora-kull 2018

Pia Abel zur Wiesch
Aurora-kull 2018

Andreia Aletia Plaza Faverola
ERC StG steg 2 2017
Aurora-kull 2018

All portraits on this page i photographed by David Jensen/UiT