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According to the project agreement, UiT has to apply for gift reinforcement (gaveforsterkning) of the award from the Foundation. However, due to withdrawal of gaveforsterkning in the government’s state budget for 2021, this will have effect on the budget’s for your TFS funded project.

Generally, withdrawal of gaveforsterkning will not result in increased funding from the Foundation.

If needed, deadline for reporting may be postponed from March 20th to May 1st – in order to give extra time to sort out how your faculty will sort out the challenges due to withdrawal of gaveforsterkning.

  • Each project must deliver a revised budget without additional funding from gaveforsterkning – download template below.
  • Accounting report for project costs for the previous year – please use the TFS specific accounting report template at UiT’s intranet here
  • The foundation changed its payment routines last year. New practices are described under:
    Provided that the progress is in accordance with the contractual research plan, and that a progress report has been submitted, UiT shall invoice in accordance with the agreed payment plan, ie the contract budget. If there is underconsumption of more than 20%, or the project requests an extension, a revised budget must be provided that takes these changes into account. 
  • Progress report – download template below.
  • Invoice in accordance with the revised budget.
  • NOTE! Please limit the use of personal information in the report. Only provide information that is relevant for the reporting purpose.

A final report must be delivered to TFS within 1 month of project completion.


A selection of TFS logos can be downloaded below. Contact us if you need a logo in another format.

Projects that receive support from TFS should actively highlight that the project is funded by the foundation. TFS does not require any repayment beyond visibility.