October 2019

UiT and TFS continue to focus on women’s sports

UiT and TFS continue to focus on women's sports We want to increase our knowledge of how hormonal fluctuations affect training response and performance development, says research leader Boye Welde. Today, research results from men's studies are the basis for finding the best training methods in endurance...


Invitation to TFS annual ceremony 2019

TFS invites all interested parties to the annual celebration with the announcement and celebration of new awards. TFS and UiT have for several years collaborated on competence building, investment in infrastructure and various thematic initiatives. TFS was established by Trond Mohn on March 28, 2007. The...


Female Fotball Centre

- The main goal is to gain fundamental insights into what affects the performance and overall health of female elite players, and to interpret the findings so that Norwegian and international women's football can reach new sporting heights with healthy players, says research leader Svein...