January 2019

Congratulation Eva-Stina Edholm!

TFS Starting Grant Winner 2017, Eva-Stina Edholm, recently was awarded a grant from the Resarch Counsil of Norway in the category Aquaculture Research (HAVBRUK). The program received 42 proposals and 10 of them were funded. Eva-Stina Edholm is also one of many talented young participants in...


Congratulations Cordian Riener!

TFS and BFS Mathematics Starting Grant winner Cordian Riener recently were awarded a partnership grant in Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN). The consortium of scientists will investigating the development of new algebraic and geometric methods combined with computer algebra techniques for global non-linear optimization problems....


Congratulations Kathrin Helen Hopmann!

TFS Stating Grant winner 2016, Kathrin H. Hopmann were late 2017 awarded support for a large consortium supported by NordForsk; Nordic Consortium for CO2 convension. The Consortium started in 2018. The Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion (NordCO2) is a network for Nordic researchers working on chemical CO2 conversion in the Nordic countries. In...